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Brakedown GTS

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Recolor of Brakedown

Tiny_481 Brakedown GTS
Transformer Item 1 of 6
Tiny_100_5266 Speed Planet Key
Part Item 2 of 6
Tiny_24343 Engine/Sword
Part Item 3 of 6
Tiny_dscn1772 Instructions
Paperwork Item 4 of 6
45x45 Giant Planet Poster
Paperwork Item 5 of 6
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 6 of 6


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Kind of a generic Cybertron Scout. Repainted into basically Kup. For some reason they liked to just add GTS to end of names for repaints for Cybertron figures.

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A repaint of Cybertron Brakedown in bright, flashy teal and yellow...and looking surprisingly good in it! Brakedown GTS is just as strong a toy as the original version, with a quick, fun transformation and a more than satisfactory degree of posability for its size class. This is really just a very fun little toy that looks great in either mode...and, I'm pretty sure, in any color scheme.

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