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45x45 Ultra Mammoth
45x45 Tail Cannon
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Ultra Mammoth

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Curator's Notes:

Ultra Mammoth is the Beast Wars version of Ultra Magnus

45x45 Ultra Mammoth
Transformer Item 1 of 2
45x45 Tail Cannon
Part Item 2 of 2


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This mold has got to be the best Shellformer out there. Years ago I'd owned Big Convoy. I sold him for money to buy Universe Nemesis Prime, which I then sold because I needed the cash. I've since always wanted to have that awesome, solid toy again. Ultra Mammoth is the perfect opportunity to do so. And he's just ridiculous enough that the character actually is believable. Deco is strongly influenced by the usual Ultra Magnus colors, though I think the head should have gone ahead and replicated the colors of the normal Magnus head, instead of the small cab robot's. Then again, this is supposed to be the Classics Ultra Magnus as a Beast Warrior, so it makes sense for him to keep that head.

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