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45x45 Scourge
45x45 Sword
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Whomp whomp. There're no Scourges for sale.

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Curator's Notes:

Scourge is here redesigned from the Generations/Reveal the Shield G2 Optimus Prime figure.

Looking very much like he did in Robots in Disguise.

45x45 Scourge
Transformer Item 1 of 2
45x45 Sword
Part Item 2 of 2


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An exclusive from the Transformers Collectors Club Subscription Service. Scourge is a redeco of the Reveal the Shield Laser Optimus Prime. Great use of this mold, very nice coloring, and the upside down G2 Autobot symbol on the doors is a nice touch.

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This is the Transformers Collector's Club Subscription Service Scourge figure! Email with any
questions! Picture is of my personal one, you will receive a brand new item still in the box.

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I hated this Optimus Prime toy in the movie flame deco, and though I have the Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus version of the toy as well, I wasn't too impressed with it's deco.

But this guy? This toy was MEANT to be Scourge, plain and simple. A Fantastic deco, a cool and well executed transformation, and a great sculpt once cast in these colors.

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