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Whomp whomp. There're no Heatwaves for sale.

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Curator's Notes:

Clear red and blue version redeco of Energon Barricade. The collectors' club 2009 annual figure received for signing up. When all 2005-2009 figures are combined they make Nexus Maximus!

Tiny_100_5346 Heatwave
Transformer Item 1 of 4
45x45 2009 Membership Card
Part Item 2 of 4
45x45 Instructions
Part Item 3 of 4
Tiny_tfc_5_a Packaging
Packaging Item 4 of 4


0 votes

Sweet looking remake of energon barricade. Alone heatwave is an awesome addition to any collection, but let's face it, you want the whole combiner set. One problem I have with this figure, the gestalt head doesn't fit into place for robot mode.

0 votes

the the mix of colors and clear plastic make this one cool looking figure.

0 votes

A good mold, though the piece that forms Nexus Prime's head constantly pops off. I would get this guy WITH the others.

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