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G2 Ramjet

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Curator's Notes:

Generation 2 Ramjet makes his return with a redeco from his Classics version.

45x45 G2 Ramjet
Transformer Item 1 of 6
45x45 Missile Launcher (Left)
Part Item 2 of 6
45x45 Missile Launcher (Right)
Part Item 3 of 6
45x45 Missile x2
Part Item 4 of 6
45x45 Instructions
Part Item 5 of 6
Tiny_tfc_14_a Packaging
Packaging Item 6 of 6
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Reviewer: mitchsantona (Jun 21, 2011)
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Ramjet is my absolute favorite TFCC exclusive to date. He takes me right back to the days when I got my first Transformers. I personally cannot get enough of the G2 colored Transformers and he's just so wonderfully done. Highly recommended.

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Every year Fun Publications, the company that runs the Transformers Collector's Club, releases one or two figures that aren't the “free” figure that each member gets each year, and aren't part of the BotCon set. These figures are available to members exclusively through the TFCC website. This year Fun Pub released an Animated themed Cheetor using Animated Blurr's mold, and a Generation 2 themed Ramjet using the Classics Ramjet mold. Ramjet was released in the Summer of 2011, with a club retail price of $58.00 (USD).

The knees are articulated with a single-hinge point that allows for about 90° of motion; from fully extended to half raised, as well as a swivel-point that provides 360° of rotation for the lower leg. In the hips you'll find a ball-joint that provides a variety of movement; about 90° front-to-back, 90° to the side, and a full 360° of rotation when fully extended to the side.

The hands are able to be folded in, but this is not really a point of articulation as it doesn't really add any poseablity to the figure. You'll find that the elbows are articulated with a single-hinge, this allows for about 90° of motion; from fully extended to half-raised. In the shoulders you'll find a single-hinge as well as a swivel point. The hinge allows for about 135° of side-to-side movement, from the lower position to almost fully raised, while the swivel-point provides a full 360° of rotation in a front-to-back orientation from the body.

The head is attached with a swivel-point that provides about 45° of side-to-side motion.

A simple repaint of the Classics/Henkei Ramjet release the transformation on this figure is identical to Classics/Henkei version. Fun Publications did a great job on capturing the Generation 2 look and applying it to the Classics mold. The only real differences between the two are that the the stickers above the thrusters on the original are red, while the TFCC version has purple. Also TFCC used the G2 Decepticon symbol, and the actual Generation 2 figure still used the Generation 1 symbol on the wings. I know it's another release of the Classics Seeker mold, which most of us already own the proverbial “butt-ton” of, but I have to say that this is one of my favorite releases of this mold; mostly due to my infatuation with the G2 era toys.

One of the things that I've always liked about the Classics Seeker mold is that the missile launchers use the same size peg and hole as the weapons on their Generation 1 counterparts. I was curious to see if the held true for the Generation 2 weapons as well...it did. So for those of you who would like to have more G2 accurate weapons on this little guy, start digging through your Seeker parts or looking on eBay, because they don't look too bad if I do say so myself. The only problem I ran into with this is that the triggers on the launchers touch the ground in jet-mode.

The only real problem I have with this figure is that one of the wings doesn't quite line up that well in jet-mode. Other than that, all the joints were tight and the paint applications were descent.

Overall, a great fricking figure! If you're a Classics/Henkei collector, this is definitely a must have. The only thing that may keep a lot of people from adding this guy to their collections is probably going to be the price. Seeing as the pre-orders through the Collector's Club sold out in about 24 hours, the only way to get one of these figures now is by going through the secondary market, and these little buggers are commanding a premium right now. For those of you who are used to paying the premium price that Club exclusives and imports cost, this is probably not going to slow you down, but for the more casual collector, it's probably going to remain a bit out of reach.

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