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Curator's Notes:

Autobot cavailer Hot Rod gets homaged in the Classics line with a Dome Zero alt mode.

Tiny_11338 Rodimus
Transformer Item 1 of 5
45x45 Exhaust Blaster
Part Item 2 of 5
45x45 Flame Missile
Part Item 3 of 5
45x45 Instructions
Part Item 4 of 5
Tiny_cla_11_a Packaging
Packaging Item 5 of 5
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Reviewer: peaugh (Sep 21, 2010)
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I love Hot Rod, so it's nice to have an update of his character. This guy is pretty good but mine came second hand, and has fairly loose joints which inhibits his ability to stand properly. Plus the elbow joints don't really work. But the alt-mode looks amazing!

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The other of my "firsts" as an adult collector (the other being the classics voyager Optimus Prime).

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This mold is definitely outdated. He's kinda small, chunky, and has pretty limited articulation. The only I got this figure was to use the FansProject Protector add-on kit.

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This figure is downright fun. The color scheme is very G1 and vibrant. The transformation flows nice between modes, and the robot mode is highly articulate. My rodimus is currently in Winnebago alt mode, thanks to fansproject`s protector kit.

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I had this one as well, had gotten it when it first came out. This figure was awesome, exactly how hot rod should look. What an excellent mold, looks great in both robot, and vehicle mode.

0 votes

I was very surprised this guy wasn't molded as a voyager. Good thing Fansproject was around to do this figure some justice with a little more height.

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There is a lot of detail in the figure, consumers of Transformers:The Movie will be overwhelm. The ends of the spoiler are acceptable to breaking.

0 votes

When this figure was first released I was super-excited to own it. However, the Henkei deco blows this one out of the water, and its limited poseability is also a strike against it. I ultimately sold this one and own the Henkei version as well as the clear version. I recommend keeping this one, slapping on a Fansproject Protector, and displaying the Henkei version as Hot Rod.

0 votes

A great figure that embodies the G1 classic in a nicely updated look! Paint is clean and crisp and the exhaust blaster is a neat idea for a weapon that has some nice power behind it when fired. Transformation is easy enough and while the figure is starting to look somewhat dated when it comes to articulation and look, it is still an amazing piece that I strived for for 3 years! An added nicity is the FansProject upgrade armor which transforms your Roddy into a very nice, intimidating Rodimus Prime figure. Original is hard to track down without paying a higher price, but Takara has re-released the figure recently, as has Hasbro in the Battle in Space pack from 2011. So, getting 'one' shouldn't be too hard. And this is, without a doubt, the niciest Roddy figure no the market right now...

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A cool dude with a lot of playability. Connects superbly to the Fansproject add-on kit, and is the best version of the mold!

0 votes

Another of the classic mold that was so good when it came but but whose age is starting to show. Still recommended.

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