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Curator's Notes:

Autobot hot head Cliffjumper was also given an update in this line through a redeco of Classics Bumblebee.

45x45 Cliffjumper
Transformer Item 1 of 4
45x45 Jet Ski Trailer/Jetpack
Part Item 2 of 4
45x45 Instructions
Part Item 3 of 4
Tiny_cla_15_a Packaging
Packaging Item 4 of 4
2 Video Reviews
Reviewer: emgo316 (Oct 6, 2011)
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0 votes

he is a few cool figure. mine is missing teh hood for the leg to be covered up. but still cool. just need to find a junker

0 votes

Well worth tracking down. He'd be absolutely perfect if they could have given him a proper head and weapon. Recommended and worth tracking down.

0 votes

Awesome cliffjumper re-paint of classics bumblebee. Super fun transformation, I really enjoy how the seats fold down over the thighs. The articulation on this guy makes him perfect for attaining some more complex display postures.

0 votes

I agree as much as the next guy, a different head as Bumblebee would have added so much more character to this figure. Love the jet ski!

0 votes

An excellent mold, albeit it should have used a different head from Bee. So far, none of the third party heads have been entirely satisfactory, with the strongest replacement head probably being that from WFC Cliffjumper. I wish Takara would release a pure metallic red repaint!

0 votes

Nice Cliffjumper figure. I love this guy and he looks even better with the devil's horn upgrade but for some reasons this little guy was hard to find and to this day the prices are higher than a regular figure

0 votes

I realize that Cliffjumper and Bumblebee are supposed to be the same mold, but I prefer to have more differences than just a simple repaint - at least a retooled head or something. The mold is good, but to me it's not distinct enough from Bumblebee. The Generations/GDO Cliffjumper will stand in as my Classics Cliffjumper here.

0 votes

My wife is a big bumblebee fan, and had to have this one, of course she has the bumblebee as well. This Cliffjumper is a redecco of bumblebee of course, and I think hasbro did a great job. They really captured the G1 essence with the classics series.

0 votes

I like the classics collection, the transformations are fun and the figures were thoughtfully designed.

0 votes

A nice mold with easy and clean transformation. Also a good ammount of articulation. I wish he had Cliffjumper's head instead of having the same as Bumblebee.

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