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Tiny_ratchet_actvr_robot_mode Ratchet
Tiny_dscn1898 Instructions
45x45 Packaging
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Tiny_ratchet_actvr_robot_mode Ratchet
Transformer Item 1 of 3
Tiny_dscn1898 Instructions
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45x45 Packaging
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0 votes

I'm a big fan of the Activators toys--I love them and so do the kids--and Ratchet makes for a really great one. Like many Animated toys, his degree of show accuracy (especially at this size class) is amazing, and he plays, poses, and balances well in robot mode.
When they say 'push button' conversion on this guy they really mean it: his transformation is a single button push in one mode and a smooth motion in the other. That said, he does have the typical Activators problem of popping out of vehicle mode suddenly if you breathe on him too hard.

0 votes

Got this little guy in a gift set at Target with Stealth Lockdown.

I do not really collect the activators, but they have a cool auto transforming gimmick at a push of a button. The toy is pretty show accurate and a great mold. Very easy for a child to transform. Poses pretty well and stands up well. Only problem I have with this, is that it tends to transform at the slightest bump and does not stay in vehicle mode too long.

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