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Whomp whomp. There're no Crossblades for sale.

Sell yours
Tiny_crossblades Crossblades
Transformer Item 1 of 13
Tiny_crosshairs2 Outer Shell
Part Item 2 of 13
Tiny_pb210003 Small Laser x2
Part Item 3 of 13
45x45 Left Ski
Part Item 4 of 13
45x45 Right Ski
Part Item 5 of 13
Tiny_pb210002 Wing/Laser
Part Item 6 of 13
Tiny_pb190064 Chopper Blade 1
Part Item 7 of 13
Tiny_pb190063 Chopper Blade 2
Part Item 8 of 13
Tiny_pb190027 Large Laser/Helicopter Tail
Part Item 9 of 13
Tiny_pb190029 Left Leg Vent
Part Item 10 of 13
Tiny_pb190028 Right Leg Vent
Part Item 11 of 13
Tiny_instr_crossblades Instructions
Part Item 12 of 13
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 13 of 13
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