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Whomp whomp. There're no Ak-Revs for sale.

Sell yours
45x45 Ak-Rev
Action Figure Item 1 of 7
45x45 Drum Half
Part Item 2 of 7
45x45 Drum Base
Part Item 3 of 7
45x45 Drum Tube x2
Part Item 4 of 7
45x45 Drumstick x2
Part Item 5 of 7
45x45 R7-Z0 Left Leg & Booster Rocket
Part Item 6 of 7
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 7 of 7


0 votes

This is a Weequay with a drum! Comes with half drum accessory and drum stick. Very cool figure especially if you are putting together Jabba's band

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