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Curator's Notes:

She-Ras right hand man, he fires arrows in all directions.

45x45 Bow
Action Figure Item 1 of 9
45x45 Vintage Head
Part Item 2 of 9
45x45 Modern Head
Part Item 3 of 9
45x45 Modern Chest Plate
Part Item 4 of 9
45x45 Vintage Chest Plate
Part Item 5 of 9
45x45 Bow and Arrow
Part Item 6 of 9
45x45 Armor
Part Item 7 of 9
45x45 Harp
Part Item 8 of 9
45x45 Packaging
Packaging Item 9 of 9
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Reviewer: Mandalorian30 (Jan 23, 2011)
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Ok, I admit I used to watch She-ra too so naturally buying Bo to go along side her was inevitable. Also, he comes with 2 heads, one with stache one without. I kinda prefer the stache since I am more used to that. He's not a bad figure to have and does go nice with the rest of the MOTU.

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