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Tiny_apocalypse006 Apocalypse
Action Figure
45x45 Figure Stand
Tiny_apocalypse001 Packaging
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Messiah War Version

Tiny_apocalypse006 Apocalypse
Action Figure Item 1 of 3
45x45 Figure Stand
Part Item 2 of 3
Tiny_apocalypse001 Packaging
Packaging Item 3 of 3
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Reviewer: optibotimus (May 6, 2011)
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APOCASLYPSE: figure looks awesome in packaging. I am a collector. I rarely remove figures from packaging. I only collect Hi-grade condition figures.

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Short and stubby but pretty damn badass. I'm not a marvel fan but I really do love this figure immensely.

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The big figures tend to be the best. Love me some Marvel Universe figures so I have the majority of the ones that have been released.

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the body on this figure is huge and too bulky. it doesnt really have the classic apocalypse look to it either. but the head is a great sculpt and actually fits perfectly onto a 6 inch DC universe figure.

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Part of wave 13 (series 3, wave 2, figure number 9) in the Marvel Universe line, Apocalypse was released with an average retail price of $8.00 (USD) in the spring of 2011. Case-mates of the epic villain included: World War Hulk, Modular Armor Iron Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman, Cable, First Appearance Wolverine, Gladiator, and the Jim Lee version of Cyclops.

The ankle assembly on this figure is rather unique, and consists of a ball-hinge with two swivel-points (one on each end). The ball-hinge allows you to bend the feet forward and backwards about 90° while the top swivel-point allows you to turn the ball-hinge a full 360°. While we've seen ball-hinges in the ankles of a few of the larger Marvel figures to come out in the various line, the truly unique part of this assembly is that the bottom swivel-point consists of a ball-joint that is used to attach the foot to the ankle assembly The ball-joint in the feet allows you to pivot the feet from side-to-side about 90°, allowing you to keep the feet firmly planted on the ground no matter how far apart the legs are situated. The knees of this figure are double-hinged, however the shear girth of his legs limits a portion of their movement, the full range of motion in the legs ends up being roughly 100°; from fully extended to the kneeling position. Just below the hip there is a swivel-point that allows you to rotate the lower-leg a full 360°. The hips use a ball-joint for articulation, this allows for about 80° of forward movement and about 45° of lateral motion.

The hands are attached with simple peg-and-hole assembly that allows you to rotate the hands at the wrist a full 360°. The elbows are single-hinged and provide about 80° of forward movement; from fully extended to half-raised. The shoulders have a ball-hinge with a swivel point at both the top and bottom. The ball-hinge allows for about 90° of lateral movement with each of the swivel-points provide a full 360° of rotation allowing you to adjust the orientation of the ball-hinge to your liking for greater poseability.

The head is attached with a simple swivel-point that allows you to turn the head 360° around. In the mid-torso you are able to bend the upper-body forward about 10° and rotate it a full 360°.

Without a doubt, my favorite feature about this figure has to be the ball-joint in the ankle assembly that provides the pivoting motion for the feet. One of the hardest parts about posing a figure has got to be finding that perfect balance between stability and holding a dynamic pose; these ball-joints greatly improve the range that you can have the legs spread apart and still have the feet firmly planted on the ground. A close second for “favorite feature” is most definitely the metallic-blue paint used for the paint applications; it just looks nice and does wonders to add a bit of “class” to what would have been an otherwise drab paint scheme.

There are really only two things that I would change about this figure. The first is that the hoses connecting the shoulder-pads to the lower-arms is pulled rather tight when you bend the arms forward. This limits the range of motion a bit, and I can see excessive use resulting in broken hoses. The other is that I would have liked to have seen ball-hinges in the hips, rather than a simple ball-joint, to increase the range of motion in the legs.

Overall this is a very nice figure, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who may be interested in adding this character to their Marvel Universe collection. Previously I was using the BAF Apocalypse figure from the Marvel Legends line as a stand-in. Despite his ability to change size, it is nice to have a figure that is more in scale with the rest of the line... now I can swap them around depending on what the scene calls for.

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A decent figure but I am still holding out for a more first appearance Apocalypse. The modern look is ok but I like 80's and 90's mutants.

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