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King of Customs Contest

ShelfLife is developing the King of Customs contest series as a showcase for the top customizing talent on the planet.

In early 2012, we asked some of the world's best Transformers customizers to design and build their best shot at a brand new character bio we wrote: Ghost Circuit. This mysterious weapons specialist proved to be a solid challenge to the customs community, but a few brave souls stepped up and produced some fantastic work to compete for the top prize.

Without further ado, here're the first ever winners of the King of Customs: Transformers Spring 2012!

King of Customs - Spring 2012 Winner

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Grand Prize Winner

Allen Campbell aka Spoonman Customs

$250, Permanent Catalog, Free Selling Privileges

Allen Campbell of Spoonman Customs submitted a sleek, clever, and slightly humorous Ghost Circuit that won our hearts from the start.

In his own words: "I saw Ghost Circuit as being slender and stealthy. My Ghost Circuit is fully transformable and requires no parts-forming. The weapons can configure in multiple combinations. The "shifting glyph" emblem on the chest is holographic to assist in a sense of motion and is 3 sided. It is able to rotate via a Bot-Shots mechanism with hand cut decals added. One is a circle, one is the figure-8, while the 3rd side is entirely covered in holographic detail. This is to represent the "chameleon alpha pack". The idea is that the hologram emanates from the center of the chest, cloaking the entire body in an energy field that fools the enemy into thinking they are seeing someone other than Ghost Circuit. I opted for open hands for more effective looking Circuit-Su poses. And the figure has articulation just about everywhere on the body: approximately 26 points."

Parts used consist of pieces from:

  • Classics Jetfire
  • G1 Devy
  • Bot Shots Optimus
  • Classics Scourge
  • Classics Cyclonus
  • Classics Powerglide
  • HFTD Lugnut
  • Animated Sunstorm
  • Voyager Movie Optimus
  • Energon Sledge
  • Generations Drift
  • '07 Hoist

Congratulations to Allen, who wins $250. He'll also be given a permanent gallery for his customs work to kick off the RONIN area of ShelfLife, which will allow him to sell all of his customs at 0% commission, forever.

King of Customs - Spring 2012 Runner Up

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Runner Up

Jason Regular aka TwinTwistR

$100, Permanent Catalog, Free Selling Privileges

Incorporating multiple transformation modes, a ton of weaponry and gear, and a liberal use of Targetmasters, this was an amazing first custom for Jason!

Jason had this to say on his sweet take on Ghost Circuit:

"Ghost Circuit's native alt mode (sans Alpha pack) is a hover tank. His preferred alt mode with back pack is an interplanetary battle cruiser. His pack can be used as a weapons platform by his minions when not being used by him. He has a vast array of weapons that can be mounted in many combinations. Being a master of Metallikato, he had to have blades, thus the swords in place of hands and the blades/wings on his lower legs."

Contributing bots:

  • Darkmount: legs, weapons, and hip ball joints
  • Warpath: torso, head, shoulders, weapons
  • ROTF Soundwave: arms, swords/wings
  • Cyberverse Starscream with Orbital Platform: alpha pack and leg wings/blades
  • BFG: Gundam model
  • Weapons: Various other TFs

Congratulations to Jason, who wins $100. He'll also be given a permanent gallery for his customs work to kick off the RONIN area of ShelfLife, which will allow him to sell all of his customs at 0% commission, forever.

King of Customs - Spring 2012 Winner

Shean Grant, Grand-Prize Fan Winner

Grand-Prize Fan Winner

Shean Grant

Wins the Grand Prize Ghost Circuit!

ShelfLife Collector & Curator Shean Grant will be the proud new owner of the first ever King of Customs Grand Prize: Ghost Circuit, Spring 2012, by Allen Campbell.

Shean generated 1895 Collector Points on ShelfLife during the contest by adding photos, curating catalogs, subscribing to catalogs, and contributing feedback on other curators' work.

ShelfLife contests generally tally all current Collector Points across the site, and provide a prize ticket to each user for each point. So the more you use ShelfLife, the better your chances of winning! This will apply to future contests, and we've got some hot ones coming up, so keep at it folks!

Expect additional announcements for the fall season of King of Customs by late August 2012. Multiple categories and exciting prize packs await!