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What's a curator?

A curator is a power-user who's volunteered to build catalogs within ShelfLife. Curators enjoy the privileges of building new catalogs within ShelfLife, authoring their own catalog and product descriptions, and earning commissions on sales in their catalogs.

Tell us which catalog you'd like to curate, and how you're an expert on that catalog.

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How are curators selected?

Anyone may apply to become a curator.

However, we do prefer to recruit curators who are experts in the catalogs they volunteer for. The definition of "expert" is rather loose, though. Ultimately, we're looking for people who are passionate about the collectibles that they collect, and who want to share that knowledge with their fellow collectors. As long as you're enthusiastic, committed, and happy to do the research, you can be a successful curator.

How much time do curators need to spend fulfilling their duties?

As volunteers, curators have no set hours. They do, however, have deadlines for finishing building their catalogs. When you're assigned a catalog, you'll receive a deadline, which is typically 2 weeks later. All of the products that've been announced in your catalog will need to be added, their details filled in, and at least one photo uploaded.

A typical catalog of, say, 50 products may take anywhere from 2 to 10 hours to build, on average. Obviously, this'll vary depending on your level of product knowledge and the availability of the product data.

Deadlines may vary depending on the size of a catalog, and the number of catalogs that're assigned to you.

Are curators paid?

No. Curators are volunteers, and as such, are not paid by ShelfLife.

However, curators ARE paid a commission by the collectors who sell products from the catalogs that curators build. Curators currently receive 2% of the final value of a transaction, not including shipping and handling, for all transactions that take place within their catalogs.

At the moment, seller commissions are tallied on a monthly basis, and paid quarterly.

We're still ironing out these details, so they might change a bit in the near future.

How do curators build a catalog?

Once you have been accepted as a curator, you'll receive a Curator Welcome Package by email. This package will include your assigned catalog, your completion deadline, and a link to your Curator Dashboard.

On your Curator Dashboard, you'll find a summary of your assigned catalogs, their relative completion, any flags that you need to review, the amount of money you've earned from sellers, and other relevant curation details. From there, you'll fill in the details of your catalog, and begin building products using the online ShelfLife catalog tools.