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SEASON 8: June 1 - June 30, 2013

$500 in prizes

Collector Wars is your ongoing contest and rewards program tied into your Collector Score & Collector Level!

Every month, we provide new challenges to motivate you to help grow our community of global collectors, raising your collector score and earning sweet prizes along the way. Things that'll earn you points range from every-day collecting and curating to referring friends and getting bonuses when they complete sales or catalogs.

MP-18 Bluestreak
or GG 12" Boba Fett
or $100 Site Credit
BBTS Seacon G1 Exclusive
or New X-Men Omnibus
or $50 Site Credit
$25 Site Credit
  • Best New Profile Photo $25 site credit
    (New winners only)
  • Most Collectibles Sold $25 and sell free
    for a year.
    (New winners only)
  • Most Collectibles Bought $25 and Level 10
    for a year.
    (New winners only)

How do I join the contest?

To participate in Collector Wars, just follow the rules below. Note that we'll be patrolling for fake entries and garbage data to keep things fair. To start - login and view your Collector Profile.

  • Add a Want 100 pts
  • Add a Have 100 pts
  • Rate a product (max 100/day) 100 pts
  • Receive a +1 vote on one of your product reviews100 pts
  • List a product for sale200 pts
  • Review a product (max 50/day) 500 pts
  • Donate a photo (and it isn't deleted) 500 pts
  • Flag an error (and it's accepted) 500 pts
  • Publish a Have, Want, Buy, Sell, Listing, Rating, or Review to Facebook (max 3 of each/day)500 pts
  • Receive a +1 vote on one of your product video reviews1,000 pts
  • Each site you use your ShelfLife forum signature on 1,000 pts
  • Refer a user 1,000 pts
  • Refer a user and they buy 2,500 pts
  • Refer a user and they sell 2,500 pts
  • Refer a user and they refer 2,500 pts
  • Refer a curator and they complete their first catalog 5,000 pts
  • Buy a product 1,000 pts/dollar
  • Sell a product 1,000 pts/dollar
  • Curate an item 100 pts
  • Curate a product in a catalog you complete 30+ days after assignment 500 pts
  • Curate a product in a catalog you complete within 30 days of assignment 2,500 pts
  • Curate a product in a catalog you complete within 7 days of assignment 5,000 pts
  • Submit an off-site video review of a product (max 20/day)5,000 pts

Deadline and announcement

Post your best collection photo and get as many points as you can by the end of the month. We'll tally all the points, delete the scammy ones, and announce the winners.

PS: Your Collector Wars score counts towards your all-time score, and your Collector Level, which lead to more prizes, access to exclusives, discounts, and bonuses that we'll be revealing on a monthly basis.

Where's my collector profile?

Get to your Collector Profile by clicking the COLLECT button in the top left corner.

Winners of Grand Prizes can only win again after 3 months.

We reserve the right to change the rules at our discretion.