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Collector Score

How it works

Your Collector Score is a measure of your activity as a collector on ShelfLife and beyond.

On any given day, your Collector Level will be determined by your total activity over the last 90 days, so you need to stay on top of things to stay hot.

There are 10 levels: 1 through 10. Every time you plateau at a new level, you'll earn the associated rewards, discounts, automatic contest entries, and access to ShelfLife exclusives associated with that level. Right now, direct benefits are minimal, but we're working hard to put a pretty exciting program in place for January 2013.

Once you hit level 4, your Collector Level can never drop more than 2 levels. Why? Because as collectors, we know that sometimes life gets in the way, and we want it to be easy for you guys to jump back in when the horizon clears.

Your collector score can be seen by other collectors who visit your profile, and will show up in your forum signature banners found in the Social section of your Account.

How to score

In general, you get Collector Points for anything you do to centralize your collecting activity on ShelfLife, including recruiting fellow collectors, building your collection, marketplace activity, curation contributions, and content creation of various kinds.

Here's how the scoring breaks down:

  • Want a product 100pts
  • Have a product 100 pts
  • Curate a product 100pts
  • Curate an item 100pts
  • Refer a user 1000pts
  • Donate a photo
    (and it isn't deleted) 500 pts
  • Flag an error
    (and it isn't rejected) 500 pts
  • Publish a Have, Want, Buy, or Sell to Facebook 500 pts
  • Buy a product 1000 pts
  • Sell a product 1000 pts
  • Refer a user,
    and they buy 2500 pts
  • Refer a user,
    and they sell 2500 pts
  • Refer a user,
    and they refer 2500 pts
  • Refer a curator, and
    they complete their
    first catalog 5000 pts
  • Complete a catalog within 7 days of assignment 10000 pts
  • Complete a catalog within 30 days of assignment 5000 pts
  • Complete a catalog 30+ days after assignment 2500 pts
  • Use your ShelfLife
    forum signature
    on a site 1000 pts

We know some of you will try to game the system. Don't bother. We're watching for fake actions and we'll be cancelling points as necessary to keep things fair and everything running smoothly. We also reserve the right to change the rules when necessary to keep things awesome.

Achievements and Badges

Collector Score and your associated Collector Level are the main measures of your status as a world-class collector.


However, along the way you'll achieve badges for kicking ass in a whole bunch of ways. You'll notice these show up in your Collector Profile. Badges can be lost if you no longer qualify for them, which would be bad, since some will unlock special bonuses, deals, and discounts.

Happy hunting!

Always evolving

We never rest in our quest to make this community the best it can be. We've got a few other fish to fry for the next little while, but we'll be watching the Collector Score interactions closely and fine tuning the system on an ongoing basis to work out any kinks. In the meantime, have fun and play nice!