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Korean Barbie

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Curator's Notes:

The first and only Sounth Korean Barbie ever made in the Dolls of the World Collection. She wears the traditional outfit of South Korea.

45x45 Barbie
Doll Item 1 of 16
45x45 Satin Long Gown
Accessory Item 2 of 16
45x45 Satin Jacket
Accessory Item 3 of 16
45x45 Left Closed Toe High Heeled Shoe
Accessory Item 4 of 16
45x45 Right Closed Toe High Heeled Shoe
Accessory Item 5 of 16
45x45 Stud Ring
Accessory Item 6 of 16
45x45 Hair Comb
Accessory Item 7 of 16
45x45 Upper Hair Tie
Accessory Item 8 of 16
45x45 Lower Hair Tie
Accessory Item 9 of 16
45x45 Doll Stand
Accessory Item 10 of 16
45x45 Scenic Poster Cut-out
Accessory Item 11 of 16
45x45 Map of South Korea Cut-out
Accessory Item 12 of 16
45x45 Guide "Book" Cut-out
Accessory Item 13 of 16
45x45 Money Cut-out
Accessory Item 14 of 16
45x45 Passport Cut-out
Accessory Item 15 of 16
45x45 Tour Tickets Cut -out
Accessory Item 16 of 16
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