Welcome to Shelflife

About ShelfLife

So what's ShelfLife, you ask?

Put simply, ShelfLife is the future of collecting, ready for your use, today.

ShelfLife's primary goals are:

  1. Fully document every collectible ever made (yeah, we know, it's madness).
  2. Provide collectors with the best collection management & marketplace tools on the planet.

A few of our awesome features include:

  • Powerful catalog curation tools.
  • Fully curated product data for every collectible in our catalogs.
  • Collection tracking and management tools.
  • Hyper-efficient online marketplace.

Once we finish our build-out, you'll be able to:

  • Sightings app with auto-notifications if you're close by.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Exclusive collectibles.
  • Additional Community Features.

ShelfLife's currently running an Open Beta. We're adding new functionality and features all the time to ensure that ShelfLife's the only site you'll ever need to get the most out of your collection.

We charge minimal commission fees to sellers. Buying, and all other collector tools, are completely free of charge. Cool, huh?

Ready to sign up? Go for it, or before you settle in.

The Team

ShelfLife is the brain child of James Chillcott and Nick Hoffman. Our product team is composed of some of the most talented web minds on the planet. spliced with utterly irrational collecting tendencies.

Join ShelfLife and validate our ridiculous obsession with code and cool objects.

James Chillcott CEO & Action Figure Freak

James Chillcott

James spent the last 12 years as the Senior Partner of Advoca, a user experience-focused design and development agency servicing over 400 clients on 5 continents. His extensive expertise in business process analysis, web user experience, and brand design fuels his constant passion for evolving ShelfLife into a more perfect state of being for collectors worldwide. In 2001, James led the team that released NapCameBack and messed with Napster during their original death throes. He'll probably spaz if you knock over the G1 Megatron on his desk, so don't.

Nick Hoffman CTO & MTG Nerd

Nick Hoffman

Nick's been playing Magic: The Gathering and building software for more than 18 years. Unless you're into elegant code and have trouble sleeping when your test suites aren't passing, he probably won't be impressed by your new project. If that makes you laugh, get in touch, 'cause ShelfLife's looking for more passionate developers. Nick wears 5-toe shoes everywhere and codes standing up. He teaches parkour and eats healthier than you. Listen, we're proud of him, is what we're saying. Recruiters, screw off. He isn't going anywhere, ok?