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45x45 Barricade
45x45 Auto Trooper x3
Tiny_00053 Pieces x77
Tiny_kreomanual Instructions
Tiny_decals Decals
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Cycle Chase

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Curator's Notes:

77 pieces, 4 kreons.

45x45 Barricade
Kreon Item 1 of 5
45x45 Auto Trooper x3
Kreon Item 2 of 5
Tiny_00053 Pieces x77
Piece Item 3 of 5
Tiny_kreomanual Instructions
Paperwork Item 4 of 5
Tiny_decals Decals
Decal Item 5 of 5
3 Video Reviews
Reviewer: cakedup83 (Sep 27, 2012)
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0 votes

A great mini set for ant Kre-O fan, and I hope they do more of the mini sets in the future. Good job Hasbro!

0 votes

AWESOME!!!!! 4 kreons, 1 bike.... Nuff Said!! This is an excellent set and I highly recommend it!!! Plus you get the bonus Dark Energon Weapon Pieces!!

0 votes

great set good to see the auto troopers back and that they are all unique the traffic barrier iz a nice touch too the bike iz good for kids but doze not really make sense

0 votes

It may not be a robot and vehicle build like all the other sets, but the Kreons and mini-vehicle are all pretty nifty.

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