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45x45 Naboo Starfighter
45x45 Box
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Naboo Starfighter

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45x45 Naboo Starfighter
Ornament Item 1 of 2
45x45 Box
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When Hallmark started making Star Wars ornaments is was many years after the original 3 films had come and gone, but there was a huge fan following and a great deal of nostalgia for the films. There was a legitimate reason for making the ornaments. That being, the fans would love them. Well, when they started making ornaments based on the new prequel films, no time had passed, there was no nostalgia for them and the movies were pretty terrible. I honestly don't see a reason for this ornament to exist other than for Hallmark to cash in on the 'Star Wars' name. Personally, I don't even hang this thing on my tree and I often wonder how I got suckered into buying it. That being said, this is a pretty accurate and well sculpted representation of the ship from the film. It gets two start for that reason and for the quality of it.

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