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Battleclad Spawn

Best Price

Whomp whomp. There're no Battleclad Spawns for sale.

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Tiny_pc160001 Battleclad Spawn
Figure Item 1 of 14
Tiny_pc160011 Chest Armor
Accessory Item 2 of 14
Tiny_pc160012 Back Armor
Accessory Item 3 of 14
Tiny_pc160010 Left Forearm Armor
Accessory Item 4 of 14
Tiny_pc160009 Right Forearm Armor
Accessory Item 5 of 14
Tiny_pc160008 Left Thigh Armor
Accessory Item 6 of 14
Tiny_pc160006 Right Thigh Armor
Accessory Item 7 of 14
Tiny_pc160007 Left Shin Armor
Accessory Item 8 of 14
Tiny_pc160005 Right Shin Armor
Accessory Item 9 of 14
Tiny_pc160015 Staff
Accessory Item 10 of 14
Tiny_pc160013 Blade (Male Connector) x2
Accessory Item 11 of 14
Tiny_pc160014 Blade (Female Connector) x2
Accessory Item 12 of 14
45x45 Battleclad Spawn (White Armor)
(variant a)
Figure Item 13 of 14
45x45 Card Back
Packaging Item 14 of 14


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I remember playing with this as a child. very fun and built sturdy to be played rough with. great addition to any collection.

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