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Tiny_0441e2f725404bceb4bab7a95b875caf Dr Love
45x45 Secret Message Paper
45x45 Noodle Box
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Dr Love

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Whomp whomp. There're no Dr Loves for sale.

Sell yours
Curator's Notes:

The moment I see you, my heart rate goes cuckoo.

I like snoozy Saturdays and Etta James

Produced from: February 2013
Produced until: March 2013

Tiny_0441e2f725404bceb4bab7a95b875caf Dr Love
Figure Item 1 of 3
45x45 Secret Message Paper
Accessory Item 2 of 3
45x45 Noodle Box
Packaging Item 3 of 3


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Dr Love
in Orginal box
Excellent condition
I want to buy because I'll move on. And in new house there is no area for my collects.

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