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Advanced Tactical Armor 3 pack

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Whomp whomp. There're no Advanced Tactical Armor 3 packs for sale.

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Tiny_advanedtacticalarmor001 Packaging
Packaging Item 1 of 12
Tiny_warmachine001 Omega Factor Armor
Action Figure Item 2 of 12
45x45 Missile Launcher
Part Item 3 of 12
45x45 Missile
Part Item 4 of 12
45x45 Machine Gun
Part Item 5 of 12
45x45 Strand of Bullets
Part Item 6 of 12
Tiny_biometalarmor001 Bio Metal Armor
Action Figure Item 7 of 12
45x45 Missile Launcher
Part Item 8 of 12
45x45 Missile
Part Item 9 of 12
45x45 Hand
Part Item 10 of 12
Tiny_vibraniumarmor001 Vibranium Armor
Action Figure Item 11 of 12
45x45 Shield
Part Item 12 of 12


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Bio-Metal Armor

The Bio-Metal Armor is part of the Advanced Tactical Armor 3-Pack exclusive to K-Mart department stores. The set also includes Vibranium Armor Iron Man, and Omega Factor Armor War Machine, and retailed at roughly $25.00 a set. The Bio-Metal Armor is just a simple recolor of the Mark V Armor. The paint apps substitute a mixture of black and silver in place of the simple silver on the original Mark V. The biggest difference between the two is that the Bio-Metal Armor is completely cast in translucent red plastic, leaving the bits that would have normally been painted red unpainted.

The Bio-Metal Armor also utilizes a different weapon than the original version, but does still come with the extra left hand. The two left hands are fully interchangeable utilizing a simple peg and hole method for attachment: simply pop the old hand off and pop the new on one.

The feet use the typical hinge and peg design allowing for front to back, as well as side to side motion, in the feet. The knees are double-hinged allowing for roughly 180° of movement, while the hips have the (almost) standard “Hasbro Style Hinged Ball-Joints” allowing for a wide range of movement in all directions.
As mentioned earlier, the hands utilize a simple peg and hole for their attachment allowing for a full 360° of swiveling motion. The elbows have a peg and hinge assembly, allowing for a full 360° of rotation as well as about 90° of hinged movement.

The head sits on a simple ball-joint which allows for full rotation as well as being able to tilt the head up, down, or cocking it slightly to the side. In the mid-torso, right below the ribcage there is a point of articulation that allows for slight front to back motion as well as full swiveling motion, allowing for 360° of swiveling motion.

There are a few points of concern and things that I would change about this figure. The leg armor on the shins does slightly hinder the feet's ability to move, especially when it comes to the swiveling motion. By forcing the feet to move from side to side you can force the feet to fully swivel, but there is a bit of bending that will go on with the sides of the armor that comes down on each side of the foot. The material is kind of rubbery, and it doesn't take much to make this happen. My main concern is how well the armor hold up with repeated bending, and might be a concern to other collectors.

Another concern I have with this figure is with the interchangeable hands. While playing around with it, to get a feel of how the figure moves and any limitations it may have, I tried to swap the hands around. The original closed hand came of with just a little bit of resistance, but was unable to attach the opened hand for fear of breaking the small peg that protrudes from the arm. This may have just been my figure, but the amount of resistance that I was met with when trying to put other hand on seemed a bit excessive. After a few tries, I decided to err on the side of caution and not pursue it any more. The reputation that translucent plastic has for fragility did scare me a bit.

As with many of the figures from this line, the paint apps are a bit sloppy in places. You may want to take the time to inspect the figures through the window to make sure you get one with paint apps that are up to you own personal standards before you purchase them.

Overall, even with its few limitations, this is a nice figure. If you're the type of collector who like to have unique pieces in your collection, or (like myself) has an affinity for clear figures, you're gonna love this. The pose-ability is good too, so if you're the kind of person who enjoys good dynamic posing, it is up to par with the rest of this line. The biggest draw back to this set is going to be the price-tag; the roughly $30 you end up paying for them after taxes may be a bit high for some more casual collectors, but overall is well worth it if you decide to pull the trigger.

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