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Classic Predator

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Whomp whomp. There're no Classic Predators for sale.

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Tiny_02 Classic Predator
Action Figure Item 1 of 19
45x45 Head
Part Item 2 of 19
45x45 Body Net
Part Item 3 of 19
45x45 Closed Mouth
Part Item 4 of 19
45x45 Open Mouth
Part Item 5 of 19
45x45 Hands x6
Part Item 6 of 19
45x45 Shoulder Mounted Cannon
Part Item 7 of 19
45x45 Loin Cloth
Part Item 8 of 19
45x45 Gauntlets x2
Part Item 9 of 19
45x45 Left Chest and Back Armor
Part Item 10 of 19
45x45 Right Shoulder Armor with Straps
Part Item 11 of 19
45x45 Thigh Armor x2
Part Item 12 of 19
45x45 Calf Armor x2
Part Item 13 of 19
45x45 Light up Mask
Part Item 14 of 19
45x45 Light up Battle Damaged Mask
Part Item 15 of 19
45x45 Holographic Ship
Part Item 16 of 19
45x45 Holographic Planet
Part Item 17 of 19
Tiny_19 Display Stand
Part Item 18 of 19
45x45 Instructions
Paperwork Item 19 of 19


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Beautiful figure indeed. This was the first of the series of Predators that i own. It comes with 2 masks, of which one is battle damaged & also features a light up wrist console.

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