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Batman 1989 (Deluxe)

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Tiny_01 Batman
Action Figure Item 1 of 20
45x45 Head with PERS
Part Item 2 of 20
45x45 Hands x7
Part Item 3 of 20
45x45 Lower Face x3
Part Item 4 of 20
45x45 Batsuit with Cape
Part Item 5 of 20
45x45 Utility Belt
Part Item 6 of 20
45x45 Boots x2
Part Item 7 of 20
45x45 Extendable Gauntlet
Part Item 8 of 20
45x45 Batarang
Part Item 9 of 20
45x45 Remote
Part Item 10 of 20
45x45 Grapnel Gun
Part Item 11 of 20
45x45 Grapnel Gun (Dual)
Part Item 12 of 20
45x45 Gauntlet
Part Item 13 of 20
45x45 Smoke Capsule x3
Part Item 14 of 20
45x45 Time Bomb
Part Item 15 of 20
45x45 Throwing Stars x2
Part Item 16 of 20
45x45 Light up Display Base
Part Item 17 of 20
Tiny_pers Instructions
Paperwork Item 18 of 20
45x45 PERS Control Stick
Part Item 19 of 20
Tiny_spotlight Bat Signal
Part Item 20 of 20
1 Video Review
Reviewer: SEAN LONG (Jan 23, 2012)
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0 votes

Bought this to compliment my '89 Batmobile. Do be careful when handling this figure. The entire suit is made of rubber while the cape is of synthetic leather.

0 votes

I consider this to be one of the top 3 Hot Toys figures. Everything about this figure is done well: likeness, costume, accessories, etc. This figure would have been made better if Hot Toys came up with a less obtrusive way to incorporate the PERS system.

0 votes

This is the greatest action figure of all time. It literally looks like Michael Keaton walked out of the movie into your home. Features a ton of accessories and comes in an amazing box. A+

0 votes

I've been waiting over 20 years for a decent scale version of this Batman, and Hot Toys did not disappoint! With the multiple mouth inserts and more Bat-gadgets than he could possibly hold, this figure is amazing. The likeness is spot on, I currently have him posed on the coffee table and his profile is dead on Michael Keaton's chin and mouth.

My only complaint is the seam in the back of the head (for the PERS eyeball system) is rather obvious across the top, especially for a one piece cowl.

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