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Barney Ross (Expendables 2)

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Curator's Notes:

An extremely accurate sculpt of Silvester Stalone as Barney Ross from the Expendables sequel.

45x45 Barney Ross
Action Figure Item 1 of 28
45x45 Head
Part Item 2 of 28
45x45 Hands x9
Part Item 3 of 28
45x45 Black Beret
Part Item 4 of 28
45x45 Black Shirt
Part Item 5 of 28
45x45 Black Zip Up T-Shirt
Part Item 6 of 28
45x45 Black Tactical Vest
Part Item 7 of 28
45x45 Black Pants
Part Item 8 of 28
45x45 Black Boots x2
Part Item 9 of 28
45x45 Brown Beret
Part Item 10 of 28
45x45 Navy Blue T-Shirt
Part Item 11 of 28
45x45 Denim Vest
Part Item 12 of 28
45x45 Brown Pants
Part Item 13 of 28
45x45 Brown Boots x2
Part Item 14 of 28
45x45 Belt (Black)
Part Item 15 of 28
45x45 Left Leg Drop Holster
Part Item 16 of 28
45x45 Right Leg Drop Holster
Part Item 17 of 28
45x45 Revolver Holster
Part Item 18 of 28
45x45 Pistols x2
Part Item 19 of 28
45x45 Revolver
Part Item 20 of 28
45x45 Assault Rifle
Part Item 21 of 28
45x45 Wrist Watch
Part Item 22 of 28
45x45 Sunglasses
Part Item 23 of 28
45x45 Goggles
Part Item 24 of 28
45x45 Headset
Part Item 25 of 28
45x45 Cigar
Part Item 26 of 28
45x45 Display Stand
Part Item 27 of 28
45x45 Box
Packaging Item 28 of 28
1 Video Review
Reviewer: UltimateCollectors (Jun 9, 2013)
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